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With the launch of this campaign, share with your community the power of the GREAT NEWS that we have amongst all of the bad news  in the world. Part of this Great News is the HOPE we have in Jesus and the hope we have for something greater than what we are currently facing.

Outline the mission of this campaign and encourage your congregation to rally around the idea of Great News during this pandemic.

Caption Recommendation:

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an overwhelming amount of bad news. Hundreds of thousands infected, thousands of deaths, financial markets crashing, schools closing, businesses suffering, and so much more. The negative headlines seem to never end. In the midst of it all, the Church has a promise and a hope that is so much greater than the darkness. We have GREAT NEWS.

During the next 4 weeks, our church will be posting daily around the Great News that we have in the story of Jesus. This Great News is so much greater, so much more contagious, than all the bad news and darkness in our world. In an effort to encourage you during this time of crisis, we will be sharing scriptures, stories, and encouragements around the ideas of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE being contagious.

We pray these next few weeks can be more than a crisis, but a time for you to reflect on what Jesus has done for you and a time where you can focus on the hope we have in Him!

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The Great News Campaign is a FREE resource for churches to share Peace, Joy, Love and Hope in the midst of the current global panic

We will do the heavy lifting and simply send the downloadable link to your email inbox daily. All you have to do is download the graphic, add your logo to it, or post the graphic as is to your social media.

Let’s share the Great News and start a conversation with those in need in your area!

As a church, encourage your people to share the Great News posts on social and bring HOPE to the world.

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