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Week 2 - PEACE

Day 11

This verse is such a beautiful and straightforward Psalm that echoes true, especially during this time of crisis. As we’ve seen this week, we know because of Jesus, we have right standing before God. As a result of this justification, we can experience peace and relay that peace to those around us.

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There is a confidence that comes with knowing we have right standing before God. It enables us to go to Him, boldly, in our time of need. It gives us the ability to trust in Him. It inspires us to love God, not be afraid of God, and to experience true peace and relay that peace to others. So when we are afraid, we can put our trust in God. When anxiety comes our way, we can trust in God. When uncertainty comes knocking, we can turn to our God of Peace. And this peace motivates us to tell everyone around us about the goodness of God and peace He offers. So ask yourself - how should I live in light of that great news?

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