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Week 3 - JOY

Day 16

James 1:2-3 is basically the poster child for “joy in suffering.” There are people in your community suffering - those who are worried, anxious, and going through a horrible trial. But they consider it pure joy… even though this is hard sometimes. Encourage them in the reality that they CAN experience joy in the midst of suffering

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You can have JOY even when you are experiencing trials and suffering. How? Because you cannot truly know joy unless you truly know suffering. Suffering is what shapes us, matures us, and ultimately teaches us to fully trust Jesus. It is the fire of our trials that we are fully refined and forced to rely on Jesus and Jesus alone. And in Him, the fullness of our joy resides. When you seek to experience joy in Jesus alone, you will find that even when trials come, God will prove Himself and make His promises real to you every single time.

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