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Week 3 - JOY

Day 17

Day 14 spoke on the topic of rejoicing even in the mundane everyday. Today’s Scripture and topic focus is very similar, but centered around gratitude. Gratitude truly changes us in that it shifts our mindset from complaining to being thankful, and ultimately, joy. Encourage your community to engage in gratefulness today

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Have you thanked God today? Have you thanked Him for the breath in your lungs, your kids, your job, or your home? Even if right now you have experienced the loss of some of these things, you can still practice gratefulness for the things you still have. Gratefulness does something to your hearts when you make it a daily practice. It shifts your mindset from complaining to thankfulness and you can then truly experience joy. Start today out by writing down what you are thankful for and then take this list to God and thank Him for all He has done for you!

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