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Week 3 - JOY

Day 18

The Good News of Jesus is not something that makes you feel gloomy and defeated, it is GOOD news and should subsequently bring GOOD feelings, joy being one of those feelings. As we finish out the week with an assurance that we can experience joy to the full, make a call to action to your community to spread the joy within them.

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Anyone who experiences the presence of Jesus can’t help but overflow with joy. This joy was not meant to be kept for ourselves though, this joy is meant to be spread to everyone we come into contact with. There are people all around us that do not have the joy of Jesus in their heart and they are desperate for a glimmer of this joy. Share the Great News of Jesus with someone today. Share your experience and the joy you have despite the circumstances you have faced. There is somuch value in sharing the joy of the Lord with those around you!

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Instagram Stories

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