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Week 4 - LOVE

Day 19

Loving someone who doesn’t deserve it can be hard… but God loved us even when we didn’t deserve it. This selfless, sacrificial love is the very love God demonstrated when He chose to love us despite our sin. This love can seem even harder to fathom. Your community needs to fixtheir eyes on the sacrificial love of Jesus now more than ever before. This love still remains - remind them of how great this love truly is.

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Choosing to love someone who, by society’s standards, doesn’t deserve our love can be a difficult thing to do. This is even harder to do when the person has hurt you or gone against you in some way. But God expressed His love for us in a way we never could - He loved us evenwhen we didn’t deserve it. God made a decision to love us despite our sin, failures, and shortcomings. But God didn’t just say He loved us - He proved it by sacrificing His one and only Son on our behalf. Jesus’ work on the cross is living proof of God’s love for us - that He would give up everything to bring us close to Him!

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