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Week 4 - LOVE

Day 24

God’s love for us was demonstrated on the cross… but it didn’t end there. He didn’t just leave Jesus for dead, but God raised Him from the dead! This means that we are no longer dead in our sins, but we are alive to God because of Jesus’ resurrection! This is the Great News that weput our faith in. This is the story of God’s great love for us and the reason we celebrate. There is hope, joy, peace, and love to be found in this news! So today, remind your community to share this incredible news of Jesus to everyone they know!

Caption Recommendation:

All of humanity was doomed. Our sin had overtaken us and darkness filled every ounce of our existence. We were dead in our sins and trespasses. But one day, God shined a beacon of light into humanity when He sent His Son Jesus. This Jesus would grow up, keep the Law perfectly,perform miracles, and love humanity in a way they never have before. This Man would then die on the cross as a sacrifice and put our sins to death once and for all.

But after 3 long days… God would raise Him from the dead. In just a few days, Jesus turned the world on its head by putting our sins to death and raising humanity to new life! God’s mercy and love were so rich, so grand, so overwhelming that even when we were dead and done for, Godchose to give us new life through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead! This is the Great News we put our faith in. This is the hope for all of humanity. This is the joy that is ours. This is the peace we can experience. This is the unfailing love we possess. All because of Jesus!

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