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Week 2 - PEACE

Day 8

Jesus is in the business of giving peace to those who believe in Him. Even with this promise, fear can still creep in and try to overcome peace. Be transparent with your community. Encourage your congregants to comment on something they have been fearful of but also how God has given them peace amid that fear.

Caption Recommendation:

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus didn’t come to leave us with fear. He didn’t leave us with condemnation or retribution. Jesus left us with peace. But He didn’t just leave us with any peace, He left us with HIS peace. Eternal peace. Heavenly peace. This peace is nothing like the “peace” the world gives, which is really just peace with a false promise. Not only did Jesus give us peace, but He also instructed us to not let our hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. How? How do we, in the overwhelming fear, possibly experience peace and not be afraid? We experience peace through following the Prince of Peace. The One who gives us peace freely, and not the peace that the world promises, but peace rooted in who Jesus is.

Let’s get real: how have you experienced fear this week? How have you experienced God’s peace in the midst of your fear? Comment below

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