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Week 2 - PEACE

Day 9

Now more than ever, the church needs unity. As the event seeks to scatter the church and leave us with fear, it is essential the church rise up and declare the peace we have in Christ. Remind your community of the calling of peace the church has!

Caption Recommendation:

The church is not meant to, in times of crisis, shrink back in fear. Fear is not our motivator - peace is our motivator. Peace is the thing that binds us together in unity. We were called to not only experience peace for ourselves but to be the peacemakers in a world overcome with anxiety and fear. Today, take a moment to spread peace to someone who is experiencing anxiety or fear. Maybe it’s your neighbor, your family, or even someone in your church. Encourage them in thepeace of God and pray that this peace can rule in their heart.
Let’s get real: how have you experienced fear this week? How have you experienced God’s peace in the midst of your fear? Comment below

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